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Hagan's gameplay for Dawn of War (PC)

Hagan played Dawn of War

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Hagan said...
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Played Soulstorm as Imperial Guard.
Dawn of War

Dawn of War (PC)

Genre/Style: Strategy/3D Real-Time Strategy
Release Date:
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Imperial guard is too weak in my opinion but they are the coolest!
LOL you always play as imperial guard i thought it was a (number)-post...haha
Cheers fo choosing imperials.
Its the challenge. You have the firepower, but you have to dig in and build up to it. However, you have the cheapest units and most effective weapons (Grenade Launcher) from the start.

Hell, on most maps I never got the chance to build the Baneblade.
Yeah...so you a turtler?
Some times. A good defensive force is more desirable in DoW, especially when its on the move. Best way to play I found is to get your troops in two solid blocks taking objectives whilst your priests and vehicles guard your base until you have level 3.

Then you roll out the Baneblade, Leman Russ and Artillery. Slow but unstoppable pincer movement to corral and hammer the enemy base and troops, ending in total annihalation. Its what the IG do best, especially against Orks and Chaos.
Want to give me sme IG tips then? lol
When I'm done with Arkham Asylum i'll get to DoW again!
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